Trying to Learn About Smart Phone Programming

I just now started Trying to learn about smart phone programming, although it is not as though I am in a hurry. Right now I in the 9th grade and I am thinking about ways that you can earn a good living without having the 9 to 5 grind every day of the week. I got to thinking more about it after I realized that I need to do an iOS 8 jailbreak. My Mom got a new phone from the company that she works with and I got a hand me down iPhone. It is a pretty recent model and a pretty good phone too. It sure beats the old flip phone that I had before. Of course I am not like some kids who are obsessed with having a phone that they think will make them look cool, but I want to have one that does not make me look like a total dork.

At any rate my older brother started to talk about how it is a bold new world with these smart phones. He was making a Star Trek joke I think, but at any rate when you think about it he has a point, even if he was being sarcastic. There are many billions of people in this world and nearly all of them either have a smart phone or they want one. Some of them are apparently like status symbols. If you have the latest and coolest phone, people think that it makes them cool by association. Of course most status symbols cost many thousands of dollars and not all of them are very useful. You can claim that your phone is a necessity and for many people it is. For example if you have a van, some tools and a cell phone that is enough to start a plumbing business.


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