Setting a Small Server Farm

Right now I am sort of doing a little work off the clock for a friend of mine from North Carolina State. We graduated together back in 2003 and we have been involved in a couple of projects together since, mostly small scale things. He is a graphics artist by training, but his new venture is only partly relevant to that. He is going to need a couple of dedicated server hardware suppliers. I am probably going to get my boss to let me order all of the components on his account. He is a really cool guy and he probably knows that he is not paying me as much as he might. So he will not make a fuss about something like this so long as he gets no harm from it. This is going to be a good experience for me as well, as it is something a bit different from my work experience up to this point.

Of course I have a very good idea of how to run a large server farm, but I have only done upgrades and maintenance work on the servers that we have here at work. I have helped to install a couple of the newer servers, but this will be the first time I have had a large project like this to plan and execute without a good deal of help. Our IT department is not very large, but there are guys with a lot of experience who take most of the pressure off me and the other young workers. So it is pretty interesting to have the chance to do something that is difficult on your own. Of course it is all on speculation, so I only turn a profit if my friend succeeds.


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