I Thought I Had Lost My Pictures

I thought that I was doing a smart thing when I started to put all of my family photos on my hard drive. My plan was to get all of the pictures on my computer, then I would edit them and transfer them to my cloud storage. Well, sometimes the most well thought out plans have problems with it, just like mine did. I was not expecting my house to get flooded. My laptop was in the finished basement, and I thought it was completely ruined. A friend told me to check out data recovery services, but I had no idea what that even meant.

I admit I am not a tech guru at all, but even I knew that a damaged laptop from a flood is beyond hope. Well, I thought I knew that at least. She could tell how upset I was over losing irreplaceable pictures, and she urged me to at least contact Alba Data Recovery to see if there was any hope. I knew she meant well, and I figured that I had nothing to lose so I did. I was so surprised when they told me there was definitely a chance that the data could be recovered even though the laptop wouldn’t even turn on.

I looked over their website to learn more about the recovery process, and I saw where they have handled well over 10,000 cases and have an impressive success rate that is more than 85 percent. I was afraid to feel hopeful, but that is exactly what those numbers made me feel. When they told me they were able to recover everything on my ruined laptop, I actually cried. They can’t know how precious those photos were to me, and I am beyond grateful that I did not lose them to the flood.


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