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I Thought I Had Lost My Pictures

Friday, March 4th, 2016

I thought that I was doing a smart thing when I started to put all of my family photos on my hard drive. My plan was to get all of the pictures on my computer, then I would edit them and transfer them to my cloud storage. Well, sometimes the most well thought out plans have problems with it, just like mine did. I was not expecting my house to get flooded. My laptop was in the finished basement, and I thought it was completely ruined. A friend told me to check out data recovery services, but I had no idea what that even meant.

I admit I am not a tech guru at all, but even I knew that a damaged laptop from a flood is beyond hope. Well, I thought I knew that at least. She could tell how upset I was over losing irreplaceable pictures, and she urged me to at least contact Alba Data Recovery to see if there was any hope. (more…)


A Hard Drive Suddenly Died

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

One day while using my computer, I got a warning that my hard drive was failing and I needed to back up my files as soon as possible. I ignored the warning and continued using my computer like I normally would. While using it, the computer started becoming slower and slower, until it finally just shut off. When I turned it back on, the computer wouldn’t boot into the operating system. Instead, the computer would only go into the BIOS screen and mention that it couldn’t boot into the hard drive. At that moment, HDD data recovery was the only thing running through my brain.

I had a lot of important files on that computer that I never backed up. (more…)


Trying to Learn About Smart Phone Programming

Friday, October 17th, 2014

I just now started Trying to learn about smart phone programming, although it is not as though I am in a hurry. Right now I in the 9th grade and I am thinking about ways that you can earn a good living without having the 9 to 5 grind every day of the week. I got to thinking more about it after I realized that I need to do an iOS 8 jailbreak. My Mom got a new phone from the company that she works with and I got a hand me down iPhone. It is a pretty recent model and a pretty good phone too. It sure beats the old flip phone that I had before. (more…)


Setting a Small Server Farm

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

Right now I am sort of doing a little work off the clock for a friend of mine from North Carolina State. We graduated together back in 2003 and we have been involved in a couple of projects together since, mostly small scale things. He is a graphics artist by training, but his new venture is only partly relevant to that. He is going to need a couple of dedicated server hardware suppliers. I am probably going to get my boss to let me order all of the components on his account. He is a really cool guy and he probably knows that he is not paying me as much as he might. So he will not make a fuss about something like this so long as he gets no harm from it. (more…)


Looking for High Quality Cordless Phones

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

I am looking for high quality cordless phones to purchase for my house, and I am hoping that I will be able to find some to my liking. I need to find the best cordless phone model that I can, because I want to buy something that will work very well. One of the most important things that I am concerned about with regards to cordless phones is the distance the phone can be from the receiver and still function properly. Currently, the best 2 line cordless phone do not function nearly as far away from the receiver as I would like.

I would like to find a phone that will function several hundred yards from the receiver. Failing that, I will take whatever cordless phone I can find that will function the furthest away. I have quite a large yard, and I like to take my phone outside with me when I tend to my gardens and vegetable patches. It is very important for me to be able to answer the phone while I am outside, because I operate a small business out of my house. Therefore, missing calls can amount to losing business, and I really do not want to lose any business.

I guess I will start searching on the internet to see if I can find any models that I particularly like. I am going to need to find some reviews for different phones as well. I will not purchase a phone before I have read several reviews on it, because I like to know what I am getting myself into whenever I make a purchase. I will be needing probably 4 or 5 new cordless phones to put in my house. I am going to be replacing all the phones that are currently in my house.